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Let's Eat Pancakes!

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This year I'm tossing pancakes for the old folk, residents of the local elderly care home after featuring them on my Thursday radio cooking spot.


We have lots of silly little customs, but these little holiday festivals always remind me that winter is slipping away and spring is just around the corner. I yearn for spring, even more for summer, and if you have Raynauds you will know why!


Last night was particulary rough. High winds, and a snow forecast drag me back to reality -- is winter going out like a lion or coming in for the last stand. My gran had a saying. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb! But this is February.


My fire is burning fuel at the rate of knots, it has to; keeping the house warm is almost like keeping an old draughty barn ambient. Although it's cozy for the family to sit around the fire in the evenings, it's absolutely no joke trying to keep warm.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow -- Groundhog Day, in the US, I believe, and something to do with the end of winter -- Please correct me if I'm wrong! If he lived over here, he'd never come out at all, well if he had any sense!


She's out with her friends this evening marking her 17th birthday in style. It's just 1pm and she's already strutting around and the smell of perfume fills the house from top to bottom. Tomorrow we've booked a special treat -- an executive room at the football (soccer) stadium. She'll watch the match, meet the players, hopefully we'll win! And be treated to dinner with entertainment before returning home.


The weather forecast is very cold -- perhaps snow, but any way it's not going to be a very nice day. I'll be staying indoors at the stadium, watching 22 players in shorts chasing a ball is not worth catching pneumonia for!


This wind is unrelenting -- there goes another chicken and there goes another piece of something, hopefully not from my roof! Help us this evening if the wind keeps up, we'll have nothing left by tomorrow!

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