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Self Inflicted Pain

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I'm glad our football team won yesterday, it was a great treat for my daughter's 17th birthday. She received, amongst other things, a signed football from the team and a special treat from us -- a meal at the stadium.


It was bitterly cold, the wind was cutting and although I had two pairs of socks and a pair of furry boots on my feet, the cold still got through! My hands were dead for most of the match and my knees wouldn't work when I got up from my seat, so why did I do it? I guess that question is asked each time we do something we know we shouldn't. To put yourself through such pain when it could have been avoided is ludicrous -- don't you think? But through the pain I actually enjoyed the day, I must be sick!


It's Sunday the TV is rubbish, the weather too. I've just took out a huge ham from the freezer (my fingers are dead again) and I'm thinking about all the other things I need to do today. I have an ingrowing toe nail that's hurting real bad on account of my self taught chiropody skills. Fact is, I'm supposed to have a chiropodist and attend a clinic, but my wonderful general practitioner has stopped all of that and the fee they charge is just ridiculous. Of course it's a small price to pay when you challenge your health, but it's my personal stubborness not to pay for anything I am entltled to receive for free!


My old general practitioner was wonderful. Okay, she didn't know very much about my condition, but she helped me with anything I needed, researched how she could help me further and refrerred me to the best rheumatologist she could find. This one, on the other hand, is entirely the opposite and is concerned with saving her budget -- I'm just a drain on her resources, at least that's how I see it!


I see the chat this evening is again about Keeping a Good Relationship with your Doctor, so I take it I'm not alone in my feelings towards my doctor? I guess this problem is worldwide!

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