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Despair With Doctors

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Much is said about doctors, be it good or bad. Fact is they are only human, with some exceptions of course! I've come across so many of them in my time, every age, nationality and gender. I therefore feel I've earned the right to applaud or critcise doctors, since my dealings with them have been many. The good ones always made me feel better, the bad ones always worse. I have, thankfully met more good than bad but the fact remains that there are bad ones out there and I fear those I've yet to meet.


My rheumatologist is wonderful, my GI surgeon is my rock, dieticians and nurses all feature on my list of good, but the one I need the most, and especially to be on my side is my general practitioner and she leaves something to be desired. I'm not a regular face at the surgery, fact is I'd rather suffer than face my general practitioner. She's cold and very abrupt, knows nothing about sclero and has made it clear that she intends not to read into the subject. If I was a doctor, I'd want to learn about everything my patients had and would'nt that make me a better doctor, knowing about something that everyone else knows very little about!


She criticises me and challenges me, always asking what I want? The last time I went, I was asked why I went to see her with a cold? If that was true then I'd have agreed it was a feeble ailment, but when it turned out to be a chest infection and I really did'nt feel that great, she gave me antibiotics which I couldn't swallow and I had to go back and see her miserable face greet me with contempt like I could have prescribed them myself!


I've had pneumonia 3 times previously, so I don't take having a heavy cold lightly. My last general practitioner was wonderful to say the least. We lived in Town then. She was lovely to talk to, always had time for you and always very thorough. I honestly believe if not for her I might not be here now. She knew about sclero, knew what I was in for! And when I asked a question she couldn't answer -- the phone would ring at home some hours later with an explanation. When I first had pneumonia, she was just incredible and cared for me at home after a long spell in hospital. After that she told me that if ever I had just a sniffle, to come to the surgery for a check up. She found me the best rheumatologist she could, and was always interested in my condition, "learning all the time" she once said. Correct me if I'm wrong but she's one **** of a good doctor!


Things have changed so much since then. My new general practitioner seems to care more about money, NHS targets and saving budgets. It seems to me that patient healthcare is secondary and in my book that's wrong. It's not like a general practitioner should be, more a manager, and if your face doesn't fit -- you're out!


I may be a drain on her resources and that's not how I want to be. I want to be treated normally but I expect a little understanding. Who else can I turn to if not my doctor? It's true you are alone with this disease but does she have to make it so obvious!

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