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Lunch Break



I have got to start adding a snack between my 8:30 yogurt and my 12:30 lunch. I am ready to faint with hunger.


One sip of my cup of noodle soup and I realize that I have GOT to have a sandwich. Not enough time left to go out, so I improvise with what I can find in the employee kitchen. The best I can do is someone's leftover cream cheese and a package of corn chips from the Honor Service Box. Crunchy, chewy; not bad. It'll have to do.


Half hour left of lunch break. Take a walk or take a nap? Let's see.....sunny, beautiful day......32 degrees.


Take a nap.


I laid down on the couch in the conference room with a partially deflated, promotional, mini beach ball for a pillow. It was quiet and I could hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore just outside the windows. I realized that I hadn't heard that sound in a long time. It was like coming home. I closed my eyes and drifted off into my endless thoughts of things to do until my cell phone alarm woke me with 5 minutes to spare.


A larger than life picture of Ben Franklin staring at me with judgemental eyes and pursed lips told me it was time to go back to work.


I have a headache. Note to self - Don't use beach ball for pillow anymore.


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