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Gettin On With Life!

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'Getting on with life' is a term I use loosely for the way I feel on a day to day basis, however there are days which bring me back to earth with a bang! I like to pretend that I am, after all, a normal human being. I look no different facially, a fortunate case I'm told. I act no differently with my friends and behave in much the same way as I've always done for the last 30 years or so. So when these 'off' days come it's a shock even to me.


Just when you're least expecting it, that little reminder raises its ugly head! I hate those days and all they have in store. I woke on Friday and almost instantly knew that I was in for a dose of sclero sickness. I was nauseous, felt yuck! and constipated. I was weak, felt heavy and generally felt like I had a disease worthy of its name. For most of that day I was sluggish, heaved whenever I wandered around, had this awful stomach ache and couldn't describe to anyone how low I felt.


If you've ever been constipated or had bouts of heaving when nothing comes up but very nasty tasting bile, then you'll know what I'm talking about. As for the constipation, well it's no joke! I know it's the subject of many a bad taste jest and I for one have laughed, but I sure ain't laughing when it happens to me! The pain that it causes and the elation of actually relieving yourself is incredible. I've heard it likened to having a baby, well I wouldn't go that far but I think it comes pretty close. You can't think straight, relax, or do anything constructive when you know you gotta go, but can't!


Anyway it wasn't all about constipation. I was sore from constantly heaving and totally washed out. My fingers ached -- don't know why but they had to give a show as well, my head pounded and I genuinely felt like I had the world on my shoulders and I felt like I was stuck "Up The Swanee Without A Paddle."


In truth I've done very little since Friday and today I finally went to the you know what?-- Yippee! I was alone in the house, daughter at college, hubby at work and I gave it my best shot! So without going into detail I think you know the rest. I still feel like the proverbial rotten tomato, but at least I'm probably 2lb lighter and I certainly feel that way. Not that I can afford to lose any more weight ( my dietician would be doing back flips if she knew I'd lost 7lbs since Dec). Goodness knows if I lose anymore I'll be a size zero -- I'm 47kilos which is about 105lbs and now I probably 103lbs not bad when you think that I was once 144lbs. It's so hard for me to convert weight into pounds so I apologise if I'm all out of proportion. In the UK we measure by stones or kilos, another Euro meddle.


Today I'm going to raise my game and attempt to clean the home. I'll see how far I get before I begin to heave again. It won't take long I'm sure, but I guess you know about that as well.

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