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Vegetarian Chicken?

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It's 7am Saturday morning -- why am I up so early then? Well it's not your usual sclero problems, more the necessity to commandeer the computer before my daughter wakes from slumber. Yes! She's found a whole new world out there in the form of friends on the net on a site geered up for instant messaging and all her friends from college are signed up to it.


I don't mind the fact that she spends endless hours tapping away on my keyboard. Who am I to complain when I do exactly the same thing myself? And in a way it's a good thing that she can spend some time chatting to her friends on an otherwise boring night in with mum and dad.


As far as it goes with me, I've had the most hectic week imaginable. My dad was admitted to hospital with angina, hubby bought a new van, new chickens arrived along with new housing, greenhouse erected and daughter on holiday from college, so all in all a whirlwind of a week!


I also have to secretly report that my little girl has now got a boyfriend! I say secretly because she'd sulk for Britain if I told a soul, especially her father. Oh, it's not that he'd mind, more that she'd face a thousand questions like the Spanish inquisition and quite frankly neither myself or her are up to that just yet. The one saving grace, is that the poor lad is going into the British army in March and he'll probably be posted overseas. If I was his mother I'd be out of my mind with worry -- luckily he's only training!


On an up side I suppose meeting my old friend, an ex school teacher, on Friday made up for a dull but eventful week. We went out for a meal, typical! I just tasted a few dishes and drank coffee all evening. It was such a tonic to listen to a coversation, completely sober whilst everyone else was, dare I say -- drunk! I laughed so much when my friend asked if I would come over to meet her old friend and her new hubby next week.


"She's a vegetarian, Y'know but she likes a bit of chicken"


Pardon me, but if you're vegetarian -- you don't eat meat or any flesh off any animal do you? Or should I ask at the supermarket for vegetarian chicken, it made me so laugh! Lock up the chickens she's on her way! And her new husband is a rambler, likes train spotting, bird watching and jigsaw puzzles, and I apologise at this point if I'm describing your husband but if she expects my hubby to share a conversation with him. then she's in for a very different evening indeed. I can hardly wait!


You can probably guess that I enjoyed my evening with my friend and a good old laugh does wonders for your esteem, even if it is at someone else's expense. It's great to be one of the girls again and have a giggle or two.

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