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Spring Fever



Spring is in the air and I feel myself getting antsy to make some progress in the yard and flower beds, however; my body groans at the mere mention of it. If I get around to Fall cleanup, it's usually sometime in mid Spring when my hands are less likely to fall off from the cold - yea, it's not called fall just because the leaves are falling off the trees.


I am ashamed and embarrassed of my landscape. I still have hanging baskets up out front with dead twigs in them from last Spring. The dog has pretty much destroyed what was left of the grass in the back yard that the boys hadn't already destroyed. And my flower beds are actually weed beds.


*sigh* :(


I always start out with such high hopes in the Spring - of how things could look around here. I dream of an English cottage garden out front anchored by my white picket fence that my dad and I (mostly dad) put up last summer. I love seeing the before and after of a hard days work and taking pride in my accomplishments, then being able to sit back and enjoy the visual beauty of what my own two hands created.


*POP!* (that was my bubble bursting) :P


Back to reality. The only thing my two hands have created lately is deep, painful splits in my fingertips and a lovely, patriotic, display of red, white and blue.


I hate to say that I can't do this or I can't do that anymore. Maybe I shouldn't resume skiing or river rafting again but I don't want to say that I can't. Same with gardening - though it's a far cry from skiing or rafting - it's also one of those things I love to do and don't want to say I can't anymore. I can and do work in the garden but just not with the results I used to see or would like to see.


And therefore I grieve a little for a way of life lost. Spring is supposed to be a time of renewed life but every Spring I am reminded again of things I can't do the way I used to do and the way I want to do. While Mother Nature is in her cycle of regeneration, I am reminded of my own degeneration.


Wow......what depressing thoughts for Spring! I vow to you all that this year is going to be different. I am going to make my project list and make early progress this year. And I'm not going to forget to plant the pumpkin patch again and I am going to get the dog kennel built and get the grass out back growing again if it's the ONLY thing I DO get done this season. And I will keep you posted on my progress even if it's at a snail's pace - dare I mention snails?!


Wishing you all some Spring time inspiration even if it's fall on your side on the world!


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