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Macho Males

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So much can happen in the space of one week! The weather can go from pleasantly mild to arctic conditions overnight, and we've even had an earthquake to boot. Thankfully the quake did nothing but wake a few folk and yes! the earth moved for me.


The background noise is one of crowing chickens and honking geese, the black cockerel may well have cause to crow in fact! The truth is if I hadn't got home when I did yesterday, my white cockerel would have been in a much worse state than he was. Somehow my black chickens got out of their pen and Mr tough guy white bantam went right over and picked a fight. Now my black cockerel is huge in comparison so it was bound to be no contest. I came home to find a very sad looking bird indeed who was still strutting around goading the black cockerel to have another go. I swiftly returned the black ones to their pen and put Mr toughy back in his shed to nurse his wounds.


This morning the hens are all clucking away having laid my hubby's breakfast, blissfully none the worse for the white cockerel's ordeal. Mrs hen may have had a few choice words but straight back over to the pen he went to have a right old go. My black cockerel seems disconcerned and carried on scratching around in the grass.


My geese on the other hand are vicious beyond belief. 'The mob' I call them cause they are. The mean one stands taller than the rest and he's had a go at me this morning. They too sense that spring is in the air but don't know wether to sit and run the risk of hyperthermia or go and tuck themselves in the barn, such is the nature of the weather. For me it's the same, should I go out or stay indoors in front of a warm cozy fire -- methinks the latter!


As for hubby and co, well they've all had an entertaining weekend. Hubby was sober for about 12 hours, my dad too, who is becoming a bad influence on my hubby. He's taking this son in law thing a bit too far by treating him to several pints of beer before evening dinner -- I've not had to do at much cooking this weekend because my daughter has been over at friends and the two guys in my life have been over at the pub, I think I'm missing something here but I think it's a male bonding thing, I just wish my two cockerels would feel the same.


The only bonding I'm interested in is my nice warm bed and at the risk of sounding boring, what else can I do when the weather is cold and I'm feeling tired. Male bonding is fine just leave me out of it!

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