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Tea Break

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The weather they say is all wrong! Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Twisters are all from lands much further afield from ours. They may be common place for some but please, ENGLAND! It barely breaks with sunshine, is very friendlly with the rain and the cold just loves to reside here long into summer.


Tonight we are bracing for one of the worst storms ever predicted. 80 miles per hour winds, hail and rain -- batten down the hatches and tie the chickens down if all comes to fruition. Of course neighbouring Scotland will bare the brunt of it, Ireland too but I'm on the border and facing both those two countries, so spare a thought for us in the North.


I can hear the wind swirling around the yard as I tap away on my favourite part of the day (Tea break, computer!) This unfinished house will have to stand up to the impending doom of the next few hours, and that reminds me that the first job this summer will have to be new windows. I can see the curtains move in the draught, but I suppose that's the least of our worries as my thoughts wander to the roof which by all standards is far from complete in our never ending quest of renovation.


I just saw a chicken hurry past the window. I don't think it meant to but the gust behind it propelled it across the yard -- it's somewhere up the field by now! I hope it wasn't the prolific egg layer that graces my hubby's plate with a fried egg now and then. the other chickens are just coming into lay, that's if they aren't half way to Cumbria by now.


Tea break over and back downstairs for a much needed scorch by the fire. Daughter to pick up shortly, hope the weather holds for a couple more hours. Roll on Summer!

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