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Just Getting On With It!

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I can't remember ever writing two blogs in one day. You may think I'm bored or have nothing better to do, you could not be further from the truth! Truth is I have far too much to do but I have neither the interest nor strength to do even the slightest chore.


I fed the animals, then found a sick chicken which now resides by my fire. Warmth sometimes is all they need -- I know exactly how they feel! I feel like a sick chicken myself. I was up too early this morning, got cold and it pretty much condemned my day to sluggish behaviour and an overwhelming urge just to sit and take things easy. Of course my family will not see it from my point of view and I'll be accused of laziness before they stop to think that I might just be ill.


That's the problem with me! My biggest problem by far is just to carry on regardless and believe me that's not always the best policy. My hubby thinks that I'm normal and I suppose that's a good thing in many respects but I just don't do cold! I don't do lifting and carrying either but somehow I always end up in the cold where I ought not to be and lifting things I shouldn't. I don't think he realises that having a tube in my stomach doesn't exactly help. It doesn't help that my muscles have flopped into usless flabby skin or my wellbeing isn't that great. The job has to be done and one way or another I have to get involved.


I wish I had a job sometimes. I'd feel like I was contributing far more to the family both financially and beneficially. A stay at home mum was something I was never cut out to do but somehow that's my current position. It was all fine when I was really ill because expectations of me were none, but now I'm only slightly ill and that makes me alright to carry on. I may sound like the moaning minnie my hubby selfishly makes me out to be, but in fact I never complain.


Take this morning for instance. The temperature was a minus something and I was outdoors with hubby at 4.30 am putting up a fence. In excrutiating pain I lifted and carried corrugated sheets of metal, which were extremely cold to touch, and helped erect a pen for the goats. My fingers were hurting so much but did I moan? Well, not out loud but my head was telling me to get indoors and warm up. I could never imagine my hubby putting up with that sort of pain and carrying on. Before I end up sounding like "The Old Soldier" I'm not blowing my own trumpet for bravery, just stupidity!


I just had an urge, mind you it was only a passing of mind, to go downstairs and put on the washing. I'm sure that my family use towels like they're going out of fashion. I can't keep up! No matter how many towels I have, be it kitchen cloths or bathroom towels, there's never enough. I suppose it's a done deal and my day will have to start somewhere. Forget illness just get on with it, and there I go again!

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