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Dawn Chorus

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All is quiet down on the farm

Animals tucked in, safe from harm

Another day gone, dawn chorus will begin

No chance of sleeping, or a little lie in


The geese begin honking at dawn's early light

Flapping and scrapping, out breaks a fight

And I'm trying to sleep, I turn to the wall

If they don't move in a minute I'll neck them all


The goats begin bleating, the cockerel crows

Out through the window my hubby's slipper goes

The dog runs riot and makes off with the shoe

At least she'll stay quiet for an hour or two


All this commotion seems to wake the wildlife

The birds in the trees and the song is rife

I'm sure it's on purpose, just to make us mad

They do a good job -- not one good night I've had


The postman cries his woe at the gate

Not only the dog he's beginning to hate

The geese fly at him with heads to the floor

And he's running like mad away from the door


My mail ends up in the yard and often gets wet

How could he make a mistake or even forget

That if the dog doesn't get him, the geese surely will

I'm sure he remembers as he runs up the hill


A hiss from the window tells me he's gone

That gander's a mean and nasty one

And when the day's over I sit and reflect

I guess I'm quite lucky, if not perfect


To live in such a lovely place with so many good friends

But I wish they'd go to bed at night and call it day's end.

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