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My oldest left for a sleepover at a friend's house this afternoon. It has been a long time since he has been invited to anyone else's house for an overnighter. I must say it has been rather peaceful in the house without anyone for my little one to fight with. Boys and their noise and their toys....I tell you, sometimes I just need a break!


I had to stay home from work on Friday with them. Big one had sore throat and pinkeye and little one a sore throat. Between their pestering and bickering and whining and tattling and the tantrums, I just wanted to be at work. I thought I'd try to make the day at least a little bit productive and get some grocery shopping done. I needed to go out and get something for the sore throats anyway. By the time we got home I felt like my head had been through the blender.


Little one got the pinkeye today. The pharmacist was right, I do have enough eye drops left over for him. Big one's eyes looked good today so I let him go. What a blessing for us all. He needed to get out and I needed the break.


Big one is invited to another friend's house for another sleepover tomorrow night. I'll let him go. It's Spring Break next week, I have to work and mom is not here yet due to snow in the passes. Thank goodness for good neighbors who have agreed to babysit next week. I have 2 days covered so far. With big one at friend's house on Monday, I'll save a bit on childcare expenses.


It should be a peaceful day today with only one kid in the house. Maybe I can get something productive done if I can muster the energy. If the weather wasn't frigid and wet I would like to get out in the yard - maybe someday....Where is Spring? It actually snowed here Friday!!!


Going to try for my second round of sleep now. Wish me luck.


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