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Barbara The Great (why not?)

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Y'Know whenever I'm feeling down, There's one thing I recall

My life has been full of battles and I've kept up with them all

I ran a fruitful business and stood my ground most times

I never reached the dizzy heights but I almost made the climbs

And when I think about all I've done, about all the worry and all the fun

I'd never swap my life, no sir! For every trial I have won.


They said I couldn't do it! Build a house, why not!

I might be a bit decrepit but I can keep up with you lot

What's so hard about a pile of bricks growing in a stack?

If I couldn't get it straight, I'd knock it down and put it back

It's really quite that simple and when my hands could work no more

I'd go indoors for respite before they got too sore.


They said my life was different I'd never be the same

They gave me little confidence, no chances and no aim

I had to do it on my own and slowly out of my shell

Came this little lady making good of being unwell

I may be a touch disabled but honey, I can compete!

And I'll attempt to do the impossible or any kind of feat.


So whenever my head begins to drop or I'm feeling a little low

My memory trip reminds me of the one thing that I know

This fragile piece of nothing is the Great Barbara Lowe!


(How's that for self esteem!)

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