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Bang! Goes My Day

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I can see this is going to be "One of those day's" It all started with a bang! -- literally.

I simply hate taking my daughter to college, not because it's inconvenient or anything, just that it's a rat run and pandemonium! Cars strewn everywhere, parking a nightmare, frustrated drivers and gungho teenagers zooming around in souped up rust buckets. No wonder there are accidents on a regular basis and the road is purely trecherous!


I dropped my daughter off in the usual manner, finding a safe place to park and then cautiously progressing down the road to the junction. I'd just moved off down a clear road and was doing no more than 20 miles per hour when a man in a huge BMW decided to reverse out into the road without looking. He shot across the road from the right and ended up on my side of the road, hitting me right across the rear.


A huge cheer ensued from a gang of youths who witnessed the whole thing. I screamed something colourful and I could tell by the bang that there would be quite a bit of damage caused. I climbed out of my vehicle and upon inspection it was clear that my 'pride and joy' was severely dented. The man, who was quite nice actually, apologised and admitted liability almost immediately to my relief. I'd tried to avoid the collision and it could have been much worse if he'd hit me front on. To my credit I was very calm -- no use getting annoyed when it was simply an accident. The only problem is the inconvenience of being without my mode of transport for several days, which will severely impair my ability to go shopping or get outdoors.


I had so much planned for today, mostly my daughter's passport renewal, that will have to wait a little longer.


I'd better clean my car insde and out if it's going to the garage. It resembles a skip!

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