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Men vs Woman Drivers?

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All is calm -- but wait, it's only 8am! After the tribulations of yesterday my expectations for today are more hopeful. I hope it doesn't "come in three's" as they say! By that very reckoning I still have two more to go!


My car is sitting looking like a scrap yard challenge in the drive. And somehow, though I don't know why, this whole thing seems to reflect my driving as a woman as seen through the eyes of a man.


The assumption that if involved in an accident, no matter who the party is, it's always the fault of the woman, and if it happens to be two women involved in a bump, an accusation of "No wonder!" usually follows. Why do hubbies have such a low confidence rate in their wives' driving?


After the bump yesterday, I phoned my hubby at work, if only for a shoulder to cry on. I wasn't crying by the way, but I was mighty upset and a bit shaken. I was here on my own wondering what to do next? I'm not very good with insurance companies and not quite sure what to do in the event of a claim. My hubby's reaction was, "How did you do that?" not, "How are you, are you hurt?" And the very tone of his voice told me that he was thinking it must have been my fault.


Sometimes I scream! I do, I really scream! Maybe it's despair, frustration or just plain temper -- surely I'm not so stupid! The crash really wasn't my fault: there was nothing I could have done to avoid him hitting me, in fact, I avoided the worst by swerving away from the impact, if he'd hit me side on, the airbag would have inflated and therefore more damage. I'd say it was a nifty piece of driving and I was very calm about the whole thing. I reckon if it had been me who had reversed across the road without looking into a passing car, I'd have probably been threatened at the very least.


Anyway, yesterday's gone and the bump happened, nothing can change that! Today will be different, I'm not venturing out on my own.


The peace and tranquility of home. Birds singing, the cockerel crowing -- so good to be alive -- What's a car? A piece of tin that rots with time, a gas guzzling polluter of country air and a money gobbling pot that depreciates in value faster than water down the drain. But it's also my independence, my freedom and my pride a joy. I love driving, love my trips outdoors and I love the ability to go wherever I please without asking. Poor motor on the drive, not my fault.

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