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So Much To Do, So Little Time

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I think I may be entering a certain phase in my life where everything is a task. Just climbing out of bed in the morning is becoming more difficult as I battle to keep my nauseousness under control.


My car is due to be fixed after a collision dented my beautiful mode of transport, which even now my hubby suspects was my fault. I was up and about at 7am knowing that I had plenty to do. Living on a farm, especially in winter makes a **** of a mess inside your vehicle as you drag in most of what's on the ground outside. It doesn't help that my vaccuum cleaner went to the scrapyard as well only last week, so cleaning the interior of a car isn't easy with a brush and pan!


Though I felt terrible and looked a bit green, I carried on and cleaned the carpets and moved all the rubbish you never thought you had from inside. I'd wondered where that bottle of brown sauce had gone -- I was sure we bought some on our last shopping trip. Putting it down to a senior moment, I decided that I must have forgotten to put it in the trolley, so no brown sauce this month! Yet! There it was staring me in the face, under the seat and bringing me a sigh of relief that I wasn't having one of those moments after all.


The geese gathered around nosily looking inside the car. Then came the chickens who were equally as interested. I'd only turned my back for one second when I looked back into the car to find the cockerel sitting on the driver's seat. One swift move and he'd be flapping all over the place and I'd have feathers galore in my newly cleaned interior. "Now C'mon" I uttered as he made himself quite comfortable. I knew that one wrong move would startle him into a frenzied flap, so I had to be cautious. The cat looked on from the wall. I hope that she wasn't thinking of joining in the fun and making her bed on the rear seat -- so much to think about at 7.30am!


The cockerel clucked everytime I went near and it was clear that he wasn't going to move. Then I had a brainwave -- Corn! I went to the shed, pulled out a bucket of corn which then set the whole flock of geese into complete frenzy. Chickens flew in from evrywhere and the cockerel flew out of the car like he'd been shot from a catapult--success! I walked across the garden with an entourage of poultry and fed them corn. This was severely delaying my limited time before the garage man came and coupled with the fact I'd been nauseous throughout, I was now feeling like a hospital case.


With the car done, it was time to go indoors and rest up for a while. It's times like these, you realise just how illness affects your way of life. Most times I never think about it. Indeed I like to feel normal -- I look normal and I act normal, but somewhere deeper is this little problem that raises it's ugly head and literally floors me.


Time to carry on with the day. My dad's in hospital again so visiting him this afternoon is on the agenda. So much to do. so little time! My day goes quickly and I seem to have made little impression. I may as well go and bury my head in the sand -- do you think anyone would notice? Not doing much sat here tapping on my computer. Better go and do something constructive like, build a wall or plaster a ceiling -- Now that's a full and fruitful day and one which my hubby would appreciate!

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