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Craft Morning With The Golden Oldies



Anyone who knows me and I mean personally, will know that I am totally scatty. I always have been and having a chronic disorder gives me no excuse to either blame my scattiness upon that, nor to pardon my actions due to age or circumstance.

I go head first into everything, never first thinking what the outcome may be. Take yesterday for instance. I visit my parents almost every day. They live in an old folks apartment within a complex, nearby. Every Thursday is craft day and this week the topic was creating festive cards. My Dad asked me to join them, so that's just me again, in there head first.

I arrived early just to spend some time with my parents before going into a room full of elderly people and a huge mound of card material and paper all scattered around a huge table. I remarked to my Dad, rather discreetly, that it looked like we were

bout to have a Seance, I could imagine screaming 'Is anybody there!" Anyway I placed myself next to a lovely lady of 90, my Mum to my right. My Dad sat himself next to the tutor, Oh yes, he was having first bite of the cherry. We began by introducing

each other. I was looked upon as the baby since I was the only one there under 70, except the tutor and the warden who are probably the same age as me. Out came a pile of pre-prepared cards for us all to wonder at. There were lots of "Ooohs and Arrrr"

and "Mmms and Ohhhs" I just said, "they're very nice" as I passed each one around the table. Then I did something I promised myself I wouldn't, I opened my big mouth and asked if the tutor had ever been to the wholesale department that I use in Manchester.

Then began a long conversation about all the things they sell, what you could buy and what you have to do to join. Well! don't ask me how but, I've ended up volunteering myself to take a car full of golden oldies, a tutor and a warden to Manchester.

On top of that I now have two more guests, age 85 and 90, on December 25th for dinner, My husband will kill me when he finds out!

We all began a conversation which was far more interesting than making cards, in fact by the end of the session we'd made a grand total of one! and that was made by the tutor as a demo. The warden ceremoniously announced that although the craft morning

was basically a disaster, we'd had fun just the same and everyone is biting the bit for next week. At this rate, the tutor may as well bring one piece of card, some sticky tape and a bit of glue for all the cards she'll be making next time. So she may as

well save the bother of loading her car up with boxes of the stuff, in fact if she just arrived with nothing it wouldn't matter for all the work we'd be getting through. And as for me well, another one of these craft mornings will see everyone coming to

dinner, I already had ten, now twelve, who knows how many may end up coming. If we don't get this house finished. we'll all be in the tin can ( Trailer ) and somehow I don't think it will be ideal.

So now I have the daunting task of explaining my goodwill offer to my hubby, Somehow I don't think he'll be as accommodating as me and he certainly won't be in favour. Did I mention that I also offered to show them how to ice a cake! Oh well, I did!

ll slip that into conversation when my hubby has calmed down a bit.

I think the morning on the whole went well. Okay we never managed to make a card but the topics of discussion that were being made were far more interesting. I never knew the old one's still had it in em! Made me blush I can tell you, and to think my own parents did that! Memories of childhood scorns for doing just the same came flooding back and I finally realized that parents can be hypocrites, Oh yes, that much I learned, So I'm going to be very careful in my criticism towards my daughter for in the future it may come back to haunt.!

Next installment......... next week!


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