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It's lonely out here in blog land! Sometimes I can hear the wind howl

Sometimes I'm just by myself a place to moan and scowl

Am I just a lonely housewife, or a lazy idle mum

I've been at home so long now, that credit I have none


It's lonely here on the farm with no one to listen or chat

My life has been so wonderful doing this and doing that

I can testify to enjoyment for that I've had my share

And if you've been most places, well I'd surely have been there


And now I'm sick and lonely,my life is not a quest

If I just put on the washing, I need a little rest

I go to bed quite early as I tend to fall asleep

I make it up the stairway and go to bed in a heap

I sometimes feel quite useless, my hubby tells me so

With friends as good as those Y'know, who really needs a foe?


I always try to do my best and sometimes it's not enough

Sometimes my days are better and others they are rough

Just doing the least of anything can make me feel quite ill

It's really not that simple to cure it with a pill


Sometimes I sit and write my thoughts and share them all with you

It helps to ease the pressure and stops me feeling blue

Although it may seem lonely and I'm siting on my own

It's good to have a little chat and a little moan

It's good to have a chuckle it clears out all the pain

And you just carry on, life begins again!


Thank you so much for listening and reading all my text

For this has been a poem and my blog will come next!

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