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Week Of Woe!

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Frustration! That's what it is? The whole world is out to get me! Of couse if that were true I'd be in a state of paranoia, which hopefully I am not. I would have just cause to feel that way, since my car was taken off the road by an un-attentive driver and since then much has happened to complicate my situation.


I have the grace of a courtesy car at hand. I have to say now that there's nothing like your own choice of vehicle, one which is chosen for you simply doesn't match up to the criteria. My own vehicle is perfectly suited to my needs. I can place my bottom directly in the seat without stooping or climbing. The steering wheel is adjustable and sits snugly in my hands. I have 3 seats at the front so I can strap my feeding pack securely by my side and apart from it being quite a good looking car -- like its owner, er sorry! It's my pride and joy.


They called me on Wednesday just before the arrival of the replacement vehicle.

"A high seated vehicle, we think an MPV would suit your needs" they said. Well my own car is a mini MPV, so it sounded fine. It arrived at 1pm just after my own car had been driven away for repairs. I was still quite bemused when it did arrive as the man who took my own car away left me feeling so. How could I trust a repairer who couldn't even spell scraped? I'd just witnessed him writing in bright pink with some kind of marker pen over the damaged area: "This part scrapped! The aloy wheel to be re furbised!"


"Excuse me, but scraped is one P, alloy is two L's and refubised has another R and an H in it" Seeming to be clever!


"You're right" He said " I never know if scraped is one P or two" I hope he doesn't get this wrong on every vehicle ---- some repairer he is.


I waved my car off up the road having saved it from execution and being scrunched into a cube, and waited for my replacement with a degree of excitement, wondering what I would be driving. I heard a car door slam shut and looked out of the window. Two men and a huge red car stood in my yard. Surely this wasn't my vehicle, but it was! My first thoughts were that it seemed huge in comparison to my own car. I was right, it was! They handed me the keys then left.


I walked around the vehicle -- not my usual expectations. It was very tall. All of my 5ft nothing and this, a bus! By my standards it was, I'd traded my little MPV for an HGV.

I opened the door and had to climb inside. I nearly didn't make it, I had to grab the steering wheel to pull myself in. My feet didn't touch the pedals. I felt like a kid with a new bike that was too big! I was so high above the ground that I was having a vertigo attack, and getting out I needed a parachute, for the only way out was to jump!


I'm not a quitter so I had to be thankful for my situation in some way's. Why was I complaining when at least I had some form of transport? Anyway I had to go out to visit my dad in hospital. I climbed in, moved the seat forward and upwards, so now I was even higher. I reversed out of the yard with ease, it wasn't that bad after all but I hadn't hit traffic then and when it hit me. I could see well over the roofs of the cars in front. I was sitting on a high chair looking like the Queen of England and feeling quite nervous!

Parking was a nightmare at the hospital. I can usually get my vehicle in a spot with ease, but this one took up two parking spaces -- it was a coach not a car. I finally managed to park it close to the hospital and when I looked back across the car park, I could see it a mile off. No searching for my transport on a crowded car park this time!


I came home and phoned the car lease company. I stated my plight, a 5ft woman with a disability in a car that was too big to handle. Luckily they were fine about it and sent me another vehicle which thankfully was more suited to my needs. If that wasn't enough -- they've closed the road outside my home for repairs and it's difficult to get in or out. Right across my gate and in both directions. Someone is out to get me! or keep me in!


So much happened last week -- please let this week pass without incident!

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