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Joys of Spring!

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Oh! The joys of spring, and I'm not about to burst into rhyme here, but it conjures up sweet little images of fluffy yellow chicks, buds bursting into life, birds singing merrily in the trees, well at least that's how spring should be.


I woke this morning to the manic barking of a Jack Russell Terrier, Geese honking and flapping, goats bleating so loudly, I thought they were in my bedroom, and the sound of heavy trucks, pneumatic drills and voices shouting up the hill -- If this is spring I must be dreaming! The road is closed outside my home for major repairs. How they ever expect me to get out is another thing. They park in my drive with their monster trucks and throw all manner of equipment all over the place.


I managed to escape yesterday, only to be faced by two men shaking their heads thinking I was using the road as a short cut -- I was livid! So I jumped out of my car and gave them a talking to. "I live here and you keep blocking me in. How do you suppose I get out? You park in my drive, upset my geese and shout and swear outside my home at 7.45 in the morning. Don't you shake your heads at me!"

They both looked at each other and these big burly men smiled. "Sorry love, we thought you were some idiot trying to use the road."


Now where have I heard that one before? Ah, yes, an accident last week that wasn't my fault!. Woman drivers, eh? I felt like a schoolteacher wagging her finger at two naughty boys, but at least I got an apology!


The road surface has been scraped right back to a quaint cobble road. It looks so lovely and it would be great if they could keep it that way. Today's traffic would ruin it so fast so I understand why they cover it, but it would surely slow down some of the drivers that pass our farm. Honestly the speed they fly around that bad bend is unbelievable! I lie in bed at night hearing the screech of tyres wondering if this one will get round the bend without hitting my stone wall, that looks more like Hadrian's wall now but in a much worse condition on account of several demolitions by cars over the years.


That brings me to a rather funny story a couple of years ago. We were living in the trailer then and the whole farm was in pitch black, in fact we never ventured outdoors after dark because you just couldn't see. We were watching a programme on TV and my husband had decided to go out for a pizza. Armed only with a torch and car keys, he set off to the next village. He'd been gone only a short while when we heard a thud! "That's someone crashing" I said. I'd heard a car revving and screaching prior to the bump and then revving again so whoever it was, wasn't hurt!


I was making a drink when at the trailer door came a hard bang. I knew it wasn't Steve, it was far too early. I nervously opened the door and found a young guy stood on my step, blood pouring from his nose and a lovely black eye. "Oh no" I gasped. "Come in." He declined and told me that it wasn't the accident that had done this but a garden rake left outdoors. It was so dark he couldn't see and he'd stood on the rake as he came to tell us that he'd demolished our wall.


The poor lad got more than he bargained for because my husband turned up at that point with pizza in hand and began cursing him for hitting the wall. The dog was pulling at his pant leg and the geese had been woken by all the comotion. The poor lad was terrified but I'd hoped it had taught him a lesson about driving too fast on country roads.


Another day of imprisonment, I can see a huge truck at my gate. Oh well, at least it's peaceful at night.


The Joys of Spring!

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