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Ever had one of those nights? I think last night was pretty close to being just that, no matter how I tried, I could not get to sleep! I tossed and turned, my neck hurt as usual and I arranged my pillows so many times that I ended up with 5 on my side of the bed -- hubby lay flat out and when that happens I may as well forget falling into slumber. He snores so loudly that my daughter shouts from the other room. So in between the snorts I turned over and tried to clear my mind.


The birds began to sing and I looked at the clock to see that it was just after 3am. It was still dark outside I hadn't slept a wink since climbing into my bed at 10.30 and now I was becoming more agitated with my hubby's snoring that I began to dig him when the level of his breathing stepped up to feeding time at the pig pen! Of course he was none the wiser and denied waking the entire household namely me and also the geese who were nestling under the bedroom window.


Dawn broke and the alarm went off, I must have been dozing at that point because I jumped to the sound of screeching bells -- 6am! I prodded Steve and with a stern shout I told him to get up. He snoozed for about half an hour before I finally succeeded in shifting him out of bed. The space he left was warm and I was cuddling down into the sheets when I heard him shout upstairs to move my car. "Oh no," I uttered, realising that my car was behind his and blocking the exit. I slowly drew back the duvet and rather bog-eyed I tried to put my slippers on, firstly they were on the wrong feet and then I dragged my feet into them standing on the backs.


The trail down stairs was more like sleepwalking as I grabbed my car keys. Without putting on a coat, I ventured outdoors. It was cold and damp. I sighed and opened the car door, adjusted the seat and drove backwards out of the yard. My hubby followed suit and then disappeared up the hill as I drove up the drive, thinking about one thing -- bed!


I don't know what happened from the car to the house but, I had an overwhelming urge to drink coffee. My whole body hurt, every bone cracked and creaked. I looked like I'd been out on the town all night -- wish I had! With cup of coffee in hand, on went the TV and a few logs on the fire. I sat back in my chair and slowly woke up to full speed. I was to be at the radio station at 11 and dared not go back to bed for fear of sleeping in, so I sat there until my daughter came downstairs at 9. Half term holidays for her and another cup of coffee was requested.


Next week is a turning point -- why? Well we've decided to carry on building the last part of the house. The old wall will come down and new one put back. Hubby is on holiday from work so we have a whole week in which to do it. We're hoping for no rain or wind because either one will ruin our plans.


I give out a huge yawn. I'm on air in 10 minutes -- pizza for todays dish of the week! I wonder if I can get through without a stutter or a hitch. Up all night, I don't think so!

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