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Self Worth!

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I'm full of dust! I look like an accident in a flour factory. I'm stiff just about all over -- but at least I'm warm. I'm red hot, hotter than I've been all year. This demolition work sure is good for the circulation.


I've been bolstering down walls with my little chisel. I took out one brick, my hubby took down a full wall. Still my contribution however small will all help in the great scheme of things.


The final phase of our renovation is taking place. It's been a humungous task, much bigger than we ever anticipated. It's taken almost 5 years, but it's been done with care and respect for the old building. They sure coud build in the 1600's: that mortar is still as good as the day it was used, the bricks, a beautiful orange colour and handmade, the oak beams, expertly carved to fit, and the weight -- oh, my, what a weight!


It will all be worth it in the end, and that's a phrase I'm quite used to hearing! I sure hope so. I'm aching from all the work I've done today. I've never made any contribution since Aug 2004 and I can be that specific because that's when I first went into hospital. I was never able to help in any way after that, so I guess it's testament to how far I've come since then.


I get an inner sense of worth just being able to lend a hand. I did so much of the renovation to begin with that it would be a shame not to have a hand in the final phase. It's a matter of pride and achievement on my part because hardly anyone belives that I actually did the brickwork on the outside of the house -- I did! And I won't pretend that it was easy -- it wasn't.


I'm being beckoned for a nice soak in the bathtub. No candles or bubbles, just lovely warm water and a woman full of satisfaction for a change!

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