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Looking out of my window as I very often do

Looking round the farmyard to see if anything new

When walking by a little hen and I gasped at what I saw

Five little fluffy chicks all following their maw

Where have you been hiding, we knew we were minus one

But now we had quite a few more as her back they climbed on


I felt a certain sense of pride as they walked around the yard

It was like a perfect photo on a springtime greetings card

Fluffy, small and yellow it really made you awww!

I'm really quite thrilled with that little scene I saw

And I've other birds sitting namely mother goose

I wonder when her goslings will be out on the loose


Such a silly fool I am, you see, I'm excited about the birds

My daughter thinks I'm crazy that I can't put it into words

To me nature is wonderful and worth all respect

It does the greatest miracles and things you don't expect

If little chicks can come out of eggs, without the help of man

Then eventually they'll cure sclero I'm pretty sure they can

Coz nature has a cure somewhere whatever it may be

I hope I'll get to see it and one day it will cure me.


Nothing is impossible and I guess I'm trying to say

That somewhere in the future will be that glorious day.

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