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After Work



Just off work and finding myself again, sitting in Betsy Big Rig in the grocery store parking lot, not wanting to go in. My whole body is buzzing from the activity of the day - or is it from my head cold?


There is a girl getting into her car who could be Epasen's twin.


If I recline my seat I'll be asleep in under 30 seconds for sure and then I'd miss my oldest's baseball game here in town. Mom took Little One to T-ball practice in the opposite direction and Coach is giving Big One a ride to the game since I am already in town. What would I ever do without the help of friends and family? They are adding years to my life for sure.


Need to go on another grocery shopping mission. Fruit, fruit, and fruit! Mom spoils the kids with sweets. I need to fill the house with FRUIT!


My toe hurts. Don't want to walk. Don't want to use electric shopping cart either - stubborn pride. Shouldn't have worn these black leather work shoes. Should have worn my garden clogs again - even if they are neon green! The only way I can get away with that is to wear the sweater that matches them. Then it looks like I did it for fashion. Time to buy a black pair for work - SOON!


Seeing doctor for the ole' toe on Friday. Hoping it's not the big "G". Nah. Probably just a fungal infection - "Just" Ha! Just a fungal infection with scleroderma and Raynaud's isn't just a "just".


Rule of thumb (or should I say rule of toe): If it hurts and it's turning brown, see the doctor!




Better gear up for the battle in the grocery store, baseball game starts soon. That means I have to put my shoe back on.......... :( ouch.


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