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Dog'gone, I'm In Trouble Again!

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The saying "It could only happen to me" describes my situation very well. The older I get, the more it happens, or is it just me! Who knows. But someone, somewhere is having a laugh spiritually.

Yesterday was just one of those days! If it could go wrong, it would, if I could get it wrong I could, you get the picture!

I picked my daughter up from school as usual. There'd been a few mishaps during the day, far too many to mention. Firstly, I'd forgot to wash my daughter's pants, boy! I was in trouble. Tonight is my support meeting and my daughter enjoys going with me, it's more like a night out with the girls than a group of sickly folk. Anyway I got the usual " You never do anything for me" and a face like thunder to match. Don't get me wrong, she's a great kid, honestly, so loving, gentle, kind, what more can I say except she's a teenager. Well we arrived home and as I pulled up to the gate I saw the next door neighbour coming down the hill. Now when I say next door, I mean kind of next door because she's way down the lane from me but on the next farm. We've known these people all our lives since we all kept our farms through the generations. This lady is genetically challenged in the nicest possible way. I'm not a tall person by any means, at 5ft 1.5 I nearly qualify for a festive elf but my neighbour is much smaller than me, in fact I can see right over her head quite clearly. So now you're wondering why I'm being so descriptive of this lady. Well, she breeds Great Dane's, does very well at Crufts I believe. When you see her walking down a hill with those two dogs on either side, you wonder who is taking who for a walk! A little head bobbing up and down and two great hounds trotting side by side. She called to me as I opened the gate and it was only courtesy for me to wait and have a chat. She remarked on how well I looked compared to last year and asked about the house and general stuff, then she hung her head and told me of a tragedy in the family. I expressed my deepest sympathy as she began to tell me about it. "Yes" she said " It happened two weeks ago. Our Elise, dreadful it was, she was the eldest you know! She was in the field looking over the gate when suddenly her legs went from beneath her, it was very quick, she didn't suffer" I was very, very sad. " Are you okay" I asked offering my condolences and my help if she needed it. " Oh yes, I'm over it now, she lived a long life, nothing ever ailed her". I asked what caused her death. "Heart attack" she frowned. " Oh I am so very sorry" remembering that her own mother had died with a bad heart. " She's at peace now" I said, trying to comfort her dithering lip " If there's anything I can do, or"... Then she stopped me. " Are you thinking it was one of the family! I froze, my mind went blank, a little voice was saying, "who were we talking about, I thought it was her sister" I smiled and said "Er who were you referring to" She looked puzzled and said. " Elise, my dog" My daughter, who'd been listening intensly to the conversation, burst out laughing and ran up the drive. " I thought it was one of the family, I mean human family" She in turn began to laugh. " How long have you known us, 40 years!, have you ever known me to have a sister Elise" I shook my head and apologized for being stupid but said I was sorry all the same, for the dog that is! I was simply dying to laugh but I was too embarrassed.

So you see, I'm just totally scatty. In the space of one day I managed to get just the simple things wrong.

I'm resting today. I can't cope with all this excitement, it's just too much. I keep getting myself into trouble without looking for it. Such is life!

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