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Lady of the farm



There is a sweet little lady who lives on a farm.

She has so many animals, some causing alarm.


Some people say, just how does she do it?

Some people say, I could never get through it!


But this little lady is a nurturing momma.

If her husband would let her, she'd add some llamas.


Yes this little lady, though with scleroderma,

Seizes the day on terra firma.


Even when she's feeling less than spry,

She'll make her family a berry pie.


She cooks and she cleans and she tears down walls.

She builds fences while freezing in her overalls.


She keeps the fire burning in the old wood stove.

She even has her own radio show!


This little lady stands barely 5 feet,

But as for stature she has most people beat.


Yes, this little lady is not to be messed with.

You give her a "look" and an ear full you're 'blessed' with.


You may not think this story is true.

But it is, just as sure as the sky is blue.


This tough little lady is so funny and sweet.

She is someone that everyone wants to meet.


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