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Snow on the ground, Fog in my head

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April 20th and snowing in Western Washington. So much for planting the veggie garden or anything else for that matter. Seems like I was looking forward to this spring more than any other, wanting to get a jump on things around the yard, and it snows at sea level a full month into spring.


I have felt like a puddle all weekend, wanting to do nothing but sleep. But sleeping only makes me sleepier. Can't seem to shake the fog out of my head.


Mom has been here 2 full weeks and my house has never been cleaner. Or more organized. I can't find anything. :blink:


I keep noticing more and more things she's done, like dust under the computer printer and the top of the refrigerator. She also nailed back up the pickets that were knocked off the fence in the last windstorm (or was it by soccer balls?) And the household trash cans seem to empty themselves.


Trying to enjoy it without guilt. During the week mom cooks dinner and then won't let me help clean up. She says, "Sit. You've been on your feet all day." I say, "Ok!"


Don't want to take too much advantage though - I could get too used to being pampered and become spoiled and lazy.


Sleepy, foggy headed, no energy, short attention span and a bit bored today. Just want this day to be over.

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