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Builder and Blogger

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Sat staring through the huge hole in my wall, rather like a viewing platform on the world! It wouldn't be so bad, although how can you say that without sounding like I actually enjoy having a huge hole in my house? But the truth is, it wouldn't be so bad if the farmer who tends our fields hadn't decided to scatter 10 tons of muck about the place on a week when an easterly wind blows right in the direction of my home.


My hubby get's blamed for most of the awful smells around the home -- this week he is excused for once and I have to say nothing is worse than my husband's, let's say wind, in a loose term! Even the smell of rotting manure is sweet in comparison. Before I get too in depth, I'll leave this part of the blog right there!


So, hole in wall with not much progress it seems. The whole process is rather slow. like the rest of the house renovation. You can't rush these things, they take time and effort and also a great deal of patience for which I have none. I used to have oodles of patience but somehow over the past 5 years it has diminished into very little. maybe it's because I don't have all the time in the world anymore. And by that I don't mean I'm about to pop off into the next world, but time passes so quickly. The last time I truly looked at a calendar was in February -- where did March go?


Time has accelerated at breakneck speed since hitting my 40's. It never went that quickly in my teens or 20's. Sometimes I hoped that it would, especially when I was working. The days then were long and Friday seemed like eons away. Weekends were a thing of excitement and then around came Monday again and another long week followed until the whole process began again. Now I feel my week is one long day and the months fly by without stopping.


Here we are in spring, and I'm just coming to terms with longer days. More light in the evenings means more work on the house -- hopefully. It's still an enormous task to undertake and I get a sense of dismay when I begin to put the whole thing in perspective. There's still so much to do in terms of a finished project. The house is priority for obvious reasons but the whole place needs a complete makeover as well. The yard needs resurfacing and several outbuildings need rebuilding just to bring it back to its former granduer. There are fences in need of repair and gardens to revamp, hedgerows and a car parking area that's not going to be full of goose, chicken and goat poo. My car is like the inside of a cesspit most times and my shoes are always full of the stuff. I make my apologies wherever I go, taking off my shoes before entering any of my friends' homes, I don't want to bring my farm with me!


Back to reality and the huge hole is beckoning. On with my dusty clothes and another day picking through rubble. I've just 4 more courses to go before I hit the stone and that's just too heavy for me to deal with -- that's a job for superman! Household chores will have to wait. Wife and mum I may be but builder and blogger comes first today. The family will have to wait!

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