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Building The Dream

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After much deliberation as we met round the table

The decision was made to take down the gable


The house had stood since old Cromwell was a lad

And not a lick of paint since then it had, had!

The walls were crumbling becoming a ruin

And our friends said -"Do you know what you're doin?"


We took a hammer, a chisel and brute force

We took each brick down course by course

We cleaned off the mortar and chewed on the dust

But the work was essential an absolute must


I have this huge hole overlooking the farm

And hubby assured we'd come to no harm

But seeing the world from my bedroom door

A wide open space just across the floor

Was a little bit daunting to say the very least

And it wouldn't get better till building had ceased


Springtime upon us we needed some luck

Forgot that the famer needed to spread his muck

Ten tons of manure and a hole in my wall

Didn't smell pretty I can tell you, at all


My daughter was spraying all manner of scent

but no matter how much -- the smell never went

I'm going out this weekend and I will be smelling

A teenage daughter, everyone will be telling

Why can't we be normal and have a proper abode

I could tell from her tone she was in sarcastic mode


I go out on a Saturday with muck on my shoe

I can't wear trendy gear or buy anything new

Even my clothes smell of chickens and goat

And I have goose droppings on my brand new coat

Now I have brick dust all over my bed

I'm leaving home she said!


Here I am in my dusty attire

The situation's competely dire

Cleaning bricks so we can build

A great big hole needs to be filled


Look on the bright side, soon everything done

But I can't say that it's ever been fun

Living in a caravan and then half a house

Nothing would live here not even a mouse

Frozen solid in the winter flooded in the fall

It's been no holiday for us at all

Five long years and still not complete

And still this new house we've yet to meet


No time for illness, no time to shirk

I still have to do so much work

If my fingers hold out I may finish the task

I have no one to help me, for I won't ask

I'm very determined and I won't stop

Till this house is finished right to the top

I'm building the dream, though that's not fair

A more apt description's been the worst nightmare!

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