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Dust, Rain and Greece!

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7.30 am--rain stops play! The events over the last couple of days have seen us tear down a wall and clean over 1000 bricks. My job today was to clear the remaining rubble all set for weekend when we'll lay the foundations prior to rebuild. A very disappointing start to the day nevertheless!


I've just finished a telephone conversation with a lady who appeared to sympathise with my situation, as they all do! Then went on to tell me that she's been through the mill recently with a new kitchen, which had to be fitted, tiled and painted. The upheavel that caused was far and above the trauma that I've had during our renovation, which I have to add was a full house! My goodness if all we had to do was a kitchen I'd be mighty pleased, but then everyone has their own level of what they call inconvenience, mine must be far greater than that!


As far a I see it, the greatest acheivement of my life is not building a house, although it has to be up there in its own right, but getting over a serious bout of illness has to be the greatest acheivement so far. The very fact that I'm able to help again no matter how small the contributuon, is a bonus and a feat worth commenting on. Given the fact that it's 4 years since I held a small trowel or shown any interest, I think it's high time to get going again and have the capabilty to do it!


I bought myself a new suitcase yesterday -- no, I'm not leaving home -- we're off to Greece in July! It's a sort of treat for me and my daughter who have endured one long winter of misery on account of renovation. I think we deseve a little luxury and I will certainly enjoy the warmth. Our old suitcase is huge, more like a trunk, and poor old hubby nearly did himself an injury last year -- trust me to book us in to an hotel with 42 steps and no lift! It was like climbing up and down Everest each time we went out or came home. I never noticed veins in my hubby's neck before but they sure did stand out after he dragged our case up to the room. I'm sure he complained on every step. "I only have 5 pairs of shorts and a couple of shirts" he said "What have you got in here?"


Truth is, he had 10 pairs of shorts 20 shirts, swim shorts, pants, and a couple of pairs of shoes. It was only a week for goodness sake! I had 12 bikinis, 4 dresses, lost count on shorts, shirts, shoes and hairdryers, beach towels, wraps, make up, well a girl has to have the essentials, and antipersperant -- you have to maintain sweetness. Did I mention skirts, tops, pants, knickers, socks. trainers? MMmm, perhaps I did over compensate. Anyway we all have our own cases this year and hubby will be spared the Mexican donkey thing.


My hubby believes that he only takes a scant amount of clothing on holiday, in reality he has far more than he realises. He actually boasts that he needs very little, yet it's like a catwalk every night! Should I wear this or this?" he asks. I remember when he had no choice. A young lad who went on holiday with 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tops and a pair of shoes. His fashion sense was nil, clothingwise he had none, and I spent the whole of the vacation purchasing clothes and washing for him. He was 24 and completely clueless! A gentle reminder now and then does wonders!


It's stopped raining, Yippee! Out come my scruffy clothes and back to the job in hand. Dreams of Greece will spur me on. Excuse me whilst I slip into my glamourous dust suit -- hammer in hand. Job's a good un!

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