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Fun in the SUN!



AHHH yes, wonderful , beautiful, warm, bright, sunny, sun!!!


Perfect weather for the T-ball Jamboree this morning which was very amusing to say the least. My face still hurts from laughing. Here are these 5 and 6 year olds in helmets that their little heads can barely hold up, swinging a bat nearly as long as they are tall, at a ball resting on a rubber tube, and then running the bases as fast as their little legs can carry them, with their little heads bobbling in those giant helmets. Now I know where the baseball bobble heads were inspired from. And me, without my video camera!


At one point, the runner on first chased down the ball himself and proceeded to try and tag his team mate out. The catcher, in all his gear, was totally oblivious to where the ball went every time it was thrown to him and he spun around and around looking for it. Any ball that rolled past the pitching mound was chased by 1/2 the team and the kids fell all over each other and themselves scrambling for it. I am quite surprised that there wasn't any bloodshed. Looking forward to the the next game with a smile on my face and video camera in hand.


Also perfect weather for that yard sale I've been preparing for. So hard to get rid of the preschool toys. I've had to prepare emotionally as well. Mom has been helping gather and organize stuff for the sale. Nope, I'm keeping the battered, little, multi-colored, rubber boots that were big one's and little one's. Keeping the little red sandals too. And the toy mailbox and the plastic alphabet blocks and the majority of the stuffed animals......Ok, just where am I going to store all that stuff then? Maybe I should store it in my mind and just put it all on the sale in the morning.....nah can't do it.


Sis and her hubby are coming over tomorrow too. Can't wait to see them. It's been too long. She's going to take some unruly plants from my front flower beds and plant them on their (soon to be) farm near town. Then I can start working towards that English Cottage garden I've been longing for out front.


In the early afternoon I'll wrap up the yard sale and pack up grandma, the boys and the dog and head out to the property to help sis plant. The boys will ride the 1940 tractor with their Uncle, the dog will run himself wild and jump in the pond and we'll all picnic by the water and eat cake and sing happy birthday to grandma.


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