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Gee I feel so bored today, I wish something good would occur

There's nothing on the TV and no juicy gossip to share

Oh, I'm not a gossip mind you, I just like a little chat

I like to talk about nothing but a bit of this and that!

I used to be so busy and time just seemed to fly

But now I'm busy watching, time just passing by

I have a daily list of jobs, I'm like a robot programmed to clean

And no matter how I do it, it's still the same routine


I need to break this system and go and do some work

And when I mentioned it to hubby, he simply went berserk

How can you hold down any job, you wouldn't last the day!

You'd cause so much damage, you'd owe them a week's pay

I knew that he was right of course, I'm permanently dropping the dinner

And keeping warm with layers of clothes, that hang off me coz I'm thinner

You'd be a liability, the office jerk, the ice woman, the freak

And you'd look a proper idiot wrapped up just like a geek


So much for my confidence, sclero takes that away from you too

I used to run my own business with so much work to get through

I used to employ several people, I had so much on my plate

The Tax, Insurance and VAT were jobs I used to hate

I used to be respected, a businesswoman with zest

I made it in a man's world and always came out best

I stood my ground with management, protected all my staff

Had fun with all my workers, oh how we used to laugh


Then one day like a bolt from the blue, I was struck down with this curse

I never thought life could be so bad, in fact it was much worse

I had to give up my business and my world changed from that point on

And everything I worked for suddenly vanished and it was gone

I spent so long in hospital I nearly had to pay them monthly rent

And flowers, cards and medicine couldn't replace the life that went


So ask me if I'm feeling down or if I feel my life will end

The answer is no way, not I, I won't lie down my friend

Coz what's the use of worrying it never put's things right

You have to take each day at a time prepare yourself to fight

And yes, I know how hard it is to face each coming day

Not much to look forward to, and not much else to say

The lack of understanding is sometimes hard to take

No proper diagnosis for each and every ache

The doctor who shakes his head coz he don't really know

And makes you feel a nuisance each time you have to go


I hope they eventually find a cure then we'd all be well together

And not worry about the clothes we wear to face the bitter weather

We'd eat the thing's we dare not try, live our lives to the extreme

And be the life and soul again, how distant that life may seem

So hang on in there please keep strong and keep an open mind

One day in the distant future a cure they may find

And I'll go back to my business and go about my life

But just for now I'm happy just being a mum and wife

You see, I'm not boring and I shouldn't feel so blue

Coz although I lost my business, I still have all of you!


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