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Kill or Cure!

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Just when you thought it was safe -- the weather turns back to winter! My Gran always used to say, "Never cast a clout till May is out" She was right of course but then, she always was! We've lost the old values of our grandparents, so many "Old Wives Tales" happen to be true! Like the month of March -- Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb! It did! And now we've got April showers that will probably last till September!


There happened to be many berries on the trees last fall. Their significance bearing a bad winter, and for once the statement was right. Too many buds will spoil the fruit -- scientifically proven to effect yield!


I wonder what she would make of my condition, no doubt it would be because of my choice of attire that I feel cold so frequently. I guess she would sit smugly in her chair with a wry smile,"I told you so!"

As a child I remember the things she used to do and say. I can remember walking around with a long sock and a warm onion placed inside, unceremoniously strapped around my neck! This pagan cure was for a sore throat and it worked as far as I can remember because you never admitted to having one once you'd had the treatment! A cure for sure!


Warm bread an milk for a cold, warm lemonade for flu, and when I had chicken pox I was covered head to toe in calamine. I looked very much like a mummy, but the embarrasment of it all kept me indoors until all the sores had healed. Butter! for a bump on the head. A greasy spot of the stuff smeared over the forehead, it stunk and it made your hair an oily mess. My grandma was medievel but a national treasure!


Eating too many nuts would give me an appendicitis. Too many sweets, not rotten teeth but worms! And a finger wagging warning, "You wouldn't want to have them!" Cutting my toenails would give me gangrene, washing my hair too much would give me a head cold and too many baths pneumonia!


When I look back, it's no wonder I'm ill! If I wasn't I'd be an hypochondriac. Just imagine going to the doctor with those kind of statements. I'd be sectioned for sure! Kill or cure was the one thing my Gran lived by. I wish she was still here, life would be so much more interesting!

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