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Useless Me!

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Sshhhh! The sun is shining, I must say this quietly not to upset Mr Ray! I woke this morning with more than expectations. The remainder of the wall, however small will be demolished today! So with small hammer in hand, little chisel, hardwearing gloves and a heart as big as a pumpkin, I set about taking down the last 10 or so bricks. I thrust my hammer at the chisel -- missed and hit my knee. The air was blue and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both! The phone rang so I limped indoors to find it was a spam caller -- Urgggh!


Back outdoors, knee throbbing, I attempted a second blow, -- Bang! -- Ouch! a piece of mortar flew in my eye, so now I had one bad eye and a limp. All I needed was a parrot to sit on my shoulder and a crutch to look like the proverbial pirate. I settled for a chicken who had waddled its way over to see what all the commotion was about, then left as it realised there was nothing remotely interesting and no worms!


I rubbed my eye which isn't a good idea but it's the only thing which brought relief. Tears began emerging down my face and then the mobile rang! I fumbled around in my pocket to the sound of a baby's laughter -- my daughter got me this cute little ring tone! I felt the situation was very apt considering I'd just turned slapstick on what should have been a relatively simple operation.


"Mum, don't pick me up early from college just the usual time, okay! bye!"

Mmmm! So much for any sypathetic conversation!


"Bye Steph" It ended with a sniffle and a trek indoors in order to wash out my rather irratable eye.


Third time lucky, I thought. My face was smeared with dirty cement -- I looked a proper twirp and awful glad that no one had come around to pay a visit! Face washed, eye half open but working, limp improving, I ventured back to the wall.


"Right you piece of rubble -- Have it!" I swung my hammer, hit the chisel and one brick fell away with ease -- right on my toe! Didn't hurt though, I had very good boots on my feet. I hit another brick and it fell away too, at this rate I'll be finished for lunch and I can proudly boast to my hubby that I demolished part of the wall today!


I'm aching all over! My shoulders hurt, my chest hurts, my wrists and my neck. I can feel all my muscles stiffening. I have a limp and a bruised knee, a sore reddened eye and a little blister on my thumb -- I'm useless! 10 bricks later and my contribution has ended. So much for my demolition day, but I have the scars to prove that I did actually do my bit, although it was actually, only a bit!


My hubby will come home and ask if the wall has gone. I'll say yes! but I hurt myself in the process. He will say, "Well you should have waited until I got home" No sympathy, no thanks and in the next breath he will say "What's for dinner?"


Builder, blogger, mother, wife and head cook! That's me! Would I have it any other way? Well perhaps I'd like my house to be finished, not to have scleroderma and to be able to do a day's work without any pain. So yes! I'd like that but would I swap my life? No, not a chance!

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