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Still No Wall!

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Spring has finally sprung, my daft hubby said

Sure the birds are singing and waking me from bed

But to start a project of massive scale with all but full attention

We're taking down a gable end and part of an extension


Now not being gifted with all that many brains

My hubby set about the job avoiding any rains

But this being England they're never too far away

And when they start falling they're definately here to stay


The wind was blowing up a storm and dust flew everywhere

I had a mini sandstorm brewing on the stair

Every door we had to lock for fear of blowing wide

It was like being in the open, only we were inside


Every part of the house was creaking, the situatuon dire

It was almost 70 degrees outside but we still needed a fire

I could see the hills outside my home without looking through the glass

And anyone could look inside as through the fields they pass

I testify to see the stars I didn't need a scope

How on earth does my hubby expect old me to cope


Oh! hole in the wall I see thee, and wish you were not there

The house and renovation is becoming too much to bear

Roll on the day when it is done and I will call it home

I shall have nothing to say not even a little moan!

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