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Simply Spring

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Today is simply gorgeous! If you could look through my eyes you would see that I'm looking at a picture of spring. The birds are singing, cockerel crowing -- in fact my two exuberant males are having a competition for the loudest crow! The sun is just coming up over the hill -- picture this: Grass with a sprinkling of dew glistening like a dark green sheet of paper with a hint of dust! The old oak tree waving in the gentle breeze and a myriad of colours in the hedgerow. Blossom on the cherry tree -- pink and white. Soldier rows of rhododendron with their red, white and pink balls of flowers all burst and looking towards the sun.


A chicken slowly passes by the window with one, two, three, four, five, six ---- Hang on! where did they come from? Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve chicks -- and I lose count! They must have hatched overnight! We had 5 chickens -- now we have more than 20 and another chicken sits in the cabin on ten more eggs.


The goose sits behind the old shed on who knows how many eggs? They'll be out soon. The goats are bouncing playfully and the two billies lock horns and crack their heads -- so much activity for 8am!


I love Springtime. The weather report suggests a high of 74 degrees today and I just want to sit in my garden and soak up all this grandeur. I'm crawling out of hibernation from a winter that was wet, cold and very dismal. No matter that my house stands unfinished, it will get there in the end! And even my huge hole in the gable looks kind of okay this morning.


Off we go to college! The short drive through the villages along the route. People walking with their kids to school, summer dresses and children chasing each other whilst parents chat with arms folded in small groups at the school gate. Gone have the brollies, the heavy coats and miserable faces. The cottage gardens are laden with blossom and sweet perfume fills the air, and those with time to spare are preparing the lawns for the first cut of the season. A traffic jam slows down progress to the college -- the usual hustle and bustle of a quarter to nine. Windows wound down and an orchestra of music from the young drivers thumps from every car.


"See you later mum," she says as she climbs out of the car and spots her friend in the distance. With face beaming she collects her bag and walks at pace towards a girl who's waving madly -- oh, to be young again!


My drive home is much quieter, and I arrive home to the solace of birdsong, fresh air and an occasional honk from the goose that bit my husband yesterday. Yes, they do bite! They have teeth.


Of course the denial that our geese do actually bite was thrown out of the water as he came indoors clutching his arm having suffered a nasty nip from that horrible gander. He never believed me that he was such trouble. I've been known to kick out on a couple of occasions, even grabbing the thing by the neck in order to prevent a bruise or two. Now he's had the pleasure of his mean side and I've watched my hubby take the long way around instead of facing the gaggle. That'll teach him!


Chair in hand -- garden here I come! Housework can wait. I have waited long for this moment! Happy days ahead, let's hope this is the first of many!

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