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Mad Dogs

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Phew! Respite indoors -- are we never satisfied? It's true that the English prime topic of conversation is the weather. It's too hot, too cold, too wet -- never just right. Is it that we are a nation of moaners? -- perhaps!


We happily jet off to warmer climes and never complain about the sun -- oh no, because we know that in a couple of weeks we'll be back home to the freezing rain and inclement weather conditions. We bake ourselves in the heat of the mid day sun whilst other European buddies take refuge in the shade. The Spanish take siesta, so do the Greeks and we wonder why there's no staff on hand to serve us ice cold drinks because we are losing hydration under the heat. Mad Dogs and Englishmen may be a song but never a truer word was spoken!


My exploits tonight will be more brick cleaning -- actually we've progressed to stone! The old wall was 2ft thick, filled with even more stone and sticky lime mortar. We have quite a way to go yet before we hit the foundations and I'm laying odds that those will be very difficult to raise.


My hubby moaned through the night -- "I'm stiff, stiff as a board!"


And I, like the doting wife that I am, turned over and grunted.


"You'll be okay in the morning -- go to sleep"


Fact is, those stones are like boulders and very difficult to move -- Me, I'd have got an excavator on the job but not my hubby, oh no! We need to take it down carefully! Ughh!


Call me impatient but I just want it built. All this kerfuffle before we start is practically doing my head in! Three weeks, yes! Three weeks later and we're no closer. With a vacation to Greece ever looming, our home security is in much doubt. No point locking the doors and windows. Any mindful thief wouldn't have a problem entering our abode if he so wishes. I can't envisage him wanting to break the front door down or climb through a window if he has an open gable to waltz through.


I suddenly find myself thinking and worrying about this wall or rather lack of one!

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