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A Day In The Life Of!

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They usually say, the older you get, the wiser! I would like to put that to the test in a laboratory since my Dad seems to defy all odds.

He's 78, or is he 79! Who knows? He doesn't and neither do I. He lost his birth certificate along with his driving licence when I was a kid and now he doesn't even know what year he got married, except of course there's me and by doing a rough calculation I make it 47yrs 2 weeks. My mum has slight dementia but is very silent with it. She's never been a great conversationalist. Partly I think, to not being able to get a word in between me and my Dad who never shut up, you may have already realised that from my posts.

I had 50 million messages on my phone the other day, well okay, 20 million! All from my Dad. He's bought himself a camcorder, don't ask why, he ain't got a computer or the slightest idea how to work the ###### thing. He just keeps saying it goes on the telly, TV to you and me! Never mind the inadequacy of being able to use it, he didn't know where the batteries went, you know you're on a loser then.

My Mum just sits there taking it all in, smiling until she has a cramp in her cheeks waiting for my Dad to put her on the telly, as he says. What a situation, he'll never make photographer of the year at this rate!

I'm taking time out this morning. I have a delivery of radiators for my central heating arriving but they never come when it's convenient do they! All they said was, it would be between 8am and 5pm, who are they kidding! You watch 4.55 they'll be offloading after me sitting around all day keeping the geese up the field and the dog locked up. I've gone through 2 loaves of bread already and it's only 9am! And then there's the phone call, it's my Dad. " What time are you coming over. I need some mini tapes for my machine" He means his camcorder. And on top of all this, we have an appointment with a teacher from my daughter's school at 3pm concerning her mathematics. She's just like me in that department. Adding up, taking away and Algebra, what in the **** do you need Algebra for!

I managed fine with a calculator when I ran my own business, and I got through doing three monthly VAT returns, not to mention the Tax, National insurance and the staff's weekly salary. I keep telling her not to worry but my hubby is a genius in the field of Maths and thinks that she should be the same. She's not! Ask him to set the video and he's clueless and common sense he has none, so what's the use of being numeric if you can't set a video to watch your favourite soap!

Anyway, that's my day pretty much mapped out. Wait for delivery, get tapes for my Dad's camcorder, appointment at the school, go to my parents for a lesson in the use of photographic equipment and finally make evening dinner. I'd rather be at work. Y'know, somehow life was easier then, at least I had a set menu.

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