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Spring Cleaning?

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I don't need Spring to come indoors -- literally. Oh! I love Spring don't get me wrong, when it's happening out there, when it's happening in your spare bedroom, well that's another matter!


I thought I was dreaming this morning when bird song seemed much closer, louder and more intense than normal. 6am and I had the dawn chorus in full surround sound. Lovely as it may seem, it's a bit disturbing when you open your bedroom door to a huge hole in the side of your house and witness being in the trees with them. All manner of species were sitting on my beams with beaks open giving it all! And the mess they have made excrement wise, well lets just say if the old saying muck for luck is true -- I'm expecting a lottery win!


Will I ever get a lie in? I think the answer to that is self evident. The geese kick off around 4am, the birds around 5 and then we have the cockerels adding their two penny worth not long after. I'm usually up and about come 7.30 even earlier in the week. I'd love to lie in a little longer at weekends, after all I have nothing to get up for.


I had a rather busy day yesterday. Back to the hospital to have my monitor taken off, then taking my daughter to her friends. I was driving for most of the day. Then my hubby decided to go out for dinner so of course that meant more driving for me. He would have driven home but decided to have a drink instead, which meant I had to drive! I was getting really tired by 9.30 and he seems to forget that I run on very little fuel these days, especially as I take my nutrition off when I go out somewhere special -- I wouldn't want my pump whirring! away whilst other folk were eating! Nor do I want to appear attached to a tube because no matter how much you try, you cannot hide the fact that something ain't right with yourself and people do notice!


The dietician gave me a call to say she'd pay me a visit next Friday! This meeting always makes me tell the worst lies. I'm supposed to keep my feeding pack on during the day and take things easy, well of course I do that! -- not. I lead such a busy life in one way or another and although I try to stick to a regime, it doesn't always work out that way. It's an hinderence to my denial! I want to be normal like everyone else and I certainly don't want the sympathy that seems to be put upon me when I wear my rucksack! Surely no one can deny me that. My weight is stable but when it dips below slightly, I behave myself. That's how you manage or at least that's how I manage!


Well! seeing as I'm up, dressed and ready for the day, I'd better greet the day with a smile -- as always! Get my mop and bucket and clean the mess the birds made. Feed the chickens, geese and goats and then wake my daughter so she can get ready to go out, yet again? Saturday mornings are just wondeful when you have nature on your doorstep or full on in your home!

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