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The weather is holding on to that sunshine for a while longer yet! It's not nearly as warm as yesterday and even then I was feezing.


I've just had fun and games with the goats who decided that the grass was definitely greener on the other side of the fence! Sat in my living room, I just glanced up and looked through my window to see an evil glare staring back at me. Goats have such evil eyes! "Oh no" I thought -- "On my own and 5 goats to herd into a pen."


I rushed to put on my boots falling over myself as I did so -- where is my hubby when you need him most? I was hoping they wouldn't charge me, so I took a stick with me just in case. The geese stood in a group in the corner of the yard -- cowards! They hooted and honked all the same but I had no time for games.


The dog was running around in circles -- daft dog, barking and making the goats even more nervous. I opened the door to the pen in the hope they would return of their own accord. I decided to take it easy and not spook them any more than they already were. The ring leader was the Billy and luckily he's quite affectionate. He came right over to me for a good old rub round the horns and once calm was established I ushered him in the direction of the pen. To my absolute amazement they all walked in one by one, now my next job was to investigate where they'd managed to escape from?


Looking around the pen I noticed a huge hole which they'd obviously been working on for quite some time. My leg was stinging with a nettle rash and the blackberry bush had scratched my arm. The goats had done me no harm but nature had! The flora and fauna have certainly grown in the last couple of days, I simply don't know where all this weed has come from? No wonder the goats are feeling restless -- look at all the vegetation around them, it's just waiting to be munched.


I'm wearing 2 jumpers today. This attack of Raynauds is just freaking me out! I've been given some vasodilators which I need to collect from the chemist. My hubby's walking around in shorts and beads of sweat collect on his brow -- me! I'm like an ice cube, can't get warm! He nearly shot out of bed last night when my frozen feet touched his leg. That'll teach him to believe that it's possible to feel cold in 70 degrees!


I can't wait to lie in the sun in Crete. Six more weeks and I'll be there like a starfish on a sunbed beside the pool. I bet I won't even break sweat!


"Come in the pool to cool down" They shout!


No way! I'm warm for once and they won't take this feeling away from me until sundown.


I'm drifting off into holiday mode and then reality kicks in. Back to the goats and the problem with the fence. My hubby will be home in 3 hours -- how do I keep them entertained until then? I kind of feel sorry for them, if they would behave themselves and stay on the garden, I'd let them eat all they want and put them back later, but we have the M6 motorway not too far away and if they decide to make a run for it, my guess is they'll head straight for the road services.


Roll on Crete, I think as I rub my very stingy irratable leg. I've got about 9 lumps of the rash and I'm dying to scratch them. Highlight of the day so far?

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