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Over, short, over, short, over, short.........I think I can make a case for disability since I haven't been able to balance for more than 3 days in a row at work. It is so frustrating! Like bowling - if I can get a strike once, then why shouldn't I be able to get a strike every time?


Consistency. That's my problem. I don't have any. About the only thing I am consistent at, is being inconsistent.


If I was consistent I would be thin and firm and fit. I would have perfectly behaved children, my house and yard and vehicle would be immaculate and my grandma would be as pleased punch to have at least one letter a month from me like I vowed that I would write to her when I was 10.


But it's really more than that. Why am I inconsistent? Answer: Too many variables. What are the variables?


Well, let me list some just off the top of my head:


1. Amount of sleep

2. Weather

3. Amount of nourishment

4. Medications

5. Degree of hydration

6. People messing with me

7. Amount of energy

8. Degree of overall pain

9. Type of hair day

10. Time left until perimenopause

11. People messing with me

12. Grams of chocolate ingested


How pathetic. Listing variables as to why I am inconsistent (and therefore coming off as a flake) sounds like a blame game. I really only have myself to blame except when it comes to the weather - or people messing with me. I don't like people messing with me.


I guess perimenopause isn't my fault either. Or my bad haircut since I didn't do it (this time). BUT the amount of sleep I get is my responsibility and something I can control; so I suppose I'd better hit the proverbial hay and try to make tomorrow a better day.


It's all about BALANCE!


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