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I was wrong

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3am. Aparently I am not responsible or in charge of how much sleep I get. Doesn't seem to matter when I go to bed, or which bed or couch or recliner or floor I sleep on. I said before, no use getting frustrated about it. Might as well use the precious time to my advantage and get some things done - except that mom has already done it all - bless her heart.


I had high hopes for the memory foam matress I purchased. I fantasized about sleeping blissfully through the night and waking up feeling alive, energized and refreshed.


Yea, not so much. Between scleroderma, allergy season, my sons' bad dreams, our new, crazy cat and this nagging cold, I'm up for hours in the night and after finally falling back to sleep at around 5:30 am I am awakened by the boys at 7am, with a bunchy, swollen face, a jaw that won't open, hands that won't close, arms I can't raise above my head and feet I can't walk on.


Okay yea, I'm whining - WAH! :P Nothing else to do at 3:17 am :(

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