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Blogger's Block



Bla Bla Bla..........


That's about the best I can do right now - unless you want to hear about my adventures in hair removal - but I threw away my notes so you're out of luck.

Incidentally, most of my cosmetic trials and tribulations have to do with hair. Lack of it here... too much of it there....


Unfortunately, I inherited my grandfather's eyebrows. I remember my grandmother trimming his brows when she cut his hair. She would comb them out from his face and snip off about an inch and a half.


It's bad enough to be a woman and have brows thick, dark and bushy but do they have to also grow together? Forget tweezing - I need to use a hedge trimmer! People try to make me feel better by saying, "Oh, no you have great eyebrows - that's the style" I didn't know wearing a wild animal on your face was in style.


I've never been one to start the trendy fads, nor have I been one to follow them. Where am I going with this? I don't know!


I titled this blog before I even started writing it. The well has been dry for weeks it seems. I had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down but I wanted to squeeze something out - anything - in the desperate hope that it might actually trigger an interesting thought and turn into something worth reading.


Writer's block is aptly named, though sometimes I think it feels more like a clog than a block. But "writer's clog" doesn't sound near as sophisticated.


Sometimes I feel as though I am ready to burst with artistic creativity. But I can't paint. Or draw. Or do anything else artistic. So there I sit, creatively constipated with no outlet.


Punctuation seems to be a problem for me at times too as you may well have noticed. I tend to write like I talk and there is no punctuation for that. Using lots of ........dots .........and - dashes - for........dramatic pauses or........to lead you......somewhere....... Seems to be my forte.


What I remember from high school English class about writing:


1. Never start a sentence with "And" or "But"

2. Never end a sentence with a preposition - or was it a proposition?

3. Run-on sentences are bad

4. Two words do not make a sentence (Wanna bet?)

5. Slang is generally frowned upon (Wanna bet?)


Rules are made to be broken and when it comes to writing, I've probably broken them all.




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