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Outlook Fine!

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Since my goostly happenings, everything is back to normal! My telephone line repaired and I'm online once more much to the delight of my daughter who spent the whole of yesterday tapping away to her hearts delight but not to mine I'm afraid!


Monday morning, it's wet and a bit miserable unlike myself who feels like the cat that's got the cream! Personal triumphs are part of my exsistance these days, getting over one thing and then overcoming another has become as part of my everyday life. I find that worrying about tomorrow effects the way you feel today, so I very much live for the here and now! I hope that makes sense?


I've had much to fight for ovr the last 12 months. My Father has been in a state of bewilderment since my Mum tragicaly died last year. I've taken over the role of "Mum" doing all the things she used to do. The latest battle has been with the authorities to re-house my Dad in a residence more apt for his needs. I've succeeded in securing a little home not too far away with one bedroom and a little garden. It looks rather quaint and he's over the moon!


I wish I could say the same for my abode. I still have a huge hole in my gable on account of the weather and we're no nearer completion as I write!

To have the wildlife indoors is novel. Birds nesting in what will be my bedroom is about as close to nature as you can get. The dawn chorus however sweet, is a bit much when they seem to be doing a personal show for you. 5 am they start, so who needs an alarm clock?


Looking out of my window and it's finally stopped raining. It rained the entire day yesterday! The foundations we laid were full of water and the geese were bathing in the trench. My husband despaired shouting at the sky and shaking his fist -- it get's you that way and at least I now know that I'm not the only one going bonkers! But c'est la vie.


With the day looking better, we may get something done but there's a guy on the TV predicting more wet weather, in fact it sounds more like a monsoon, the only thing missing is snow and I say that quietly because this is England and anything can happen, weatherwise!


Back to reality. Boots, scruffy clothes and a hopeful heart. Trowel in hand, brick in the other. I'm on it! Eating worms and bugs on breakfast TV?? I'm off, whatever next?

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