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One Fine Day!

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I have to say this quietly -- the sun's shining! Don't tell anyone will you or else it may go away! We managed to get one part of the wall errected last night, after scooping out the rainwater from the foundations. I watched on as my hubby laid each block on the internal wall -- we're up to window level!


There's a certain sense of satisfaction, standing back admiring your handiwork. There's even more sense of achievement when you've waited so long for this moment. It finally looks like we're getting somewhere instead of staring at an unchanging building site. You wouldn't believe how much preparation went into taking the wall down and then making the area good for laying foundations. It's taken almost 7 weeks to clear the area, clean the bricks and fill the trenches with concrete and stone. The weather played a huge part in delaying progress. Typical! it always rains just when you attempt to do anything.


I'm already planning curtains and other soft furnishings for my new extension and although I may be getting ahead of myself slightly, you have to put these womanly touches into perspective. My dreams of a country home complete with log fire and roses around the door have certainly been put on ice over the last few years and whilst I may never have roses around my door on account of the geese, I do have a log fire!


Right now I look as if I've been electrified! My hair is stuck up on end. I went to bed with slightly damp hair last night. I'd decided to take a late bath, then relaxed so much that I needed my bed straight after. It's taken half a tub of gel to stick it down this morning and I'm about to re-style it because this afternoon I'm collecting my aunt from the care home; it's her birthday!


My hubby is eager to continue building this evening. I won't stop him for whilst he's in this mood I may see my dream of a finished home a reality.


Attacking the day with a smile on my face and shocking hair!

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