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Dentist! The mere mention of the word causes a reaction no matter who you talk to. "I've just been to the dentist! and all of a sudden that person you were talking to shudders, shakes their head and begins to tell you of the horror that they succumbed to whilst sat in the chair!


"He hurt me and wouldn't stop drilling" a friend said! Her every word was flinched with a facial expresion to match." I hate going to the dentist after that -- poor you!"


I was walking to my car with my face froze like I'd been hit with a flat-bottomed pan full on in the gob. The last person you want to see is an old flame that wants to talk to you even though it's quite obvious that talking is the last thing you want to do with a numb mouth which won't work to form words no matter how hard you try!


"Ave bi do da demphist, cant talk berry well at da momempt" trying to smile whilst I formed some jibberish from my flappy lip.


"Have you had a tooth out?" My enquiring friend said!


"No dust a bit of cofmetic work"


Fact is my crown was old and looked more like a piece of wood had been stuck on my gum. My dentist promised a much more realistic tooth which matched the colour of my real teeth. What he meant to say is it looked dreadful and was the wrong colour because my teeth are no longer white.


"Oooh my last visit for cosmetic work cost me a fortune and in the end I had to have them all out" she said!


So much for boosting my confidence, that's definitely not what I wanted to hear. I've spent so much money in the last 12 months trying to get a near perfect smile, not that I have much to smile about but I don't have much to be miserable about either so if I'm gonna smile I may as well do it in style.


Much of my dental problems stem from my 2 year hospital stay and my definite lack of nutrition which followed. I had a lovely set of gnashers which gradually ended up like Stonehenge! bits fell off here and there! One of my visible rear teeth fractured and had to be removed leaving a gap. I had a bridge put in place. One of my front bottom teeth broke and left a jagged sharp edge that had to be filed down so it's now smaller than my others. My front tooth -- the one which is crowned, began to break away from my gum, my whole mouth needed more renovation than the house we're currently rebuilding.


Back home with my mouth still frozen, I'm rather perplexed upon looking in the mirror to find that I've got white glue on my chin and all around my mouth, and I've been to the petrol station looking like that; Really!


My attempt to drink a cup of coffee was like trying to force it down a beak. I couldn't feel the rim of the cup so it either went all over me or dribbled down my face, either way I made a mess! I'll wait for the numbness to wear off before I try another cup.


So I'm just sat here listening to some music and hoping the phone doesn't ring. I shall have to learn to speak properly again but at least my smile has improved- when I can manage one that is!

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