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The Dentist Chair

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Sat nervously in the dentist's chair

Wishing that I wasn't there

Too many sweets can spoil your smile

Let me just reiterate a while

It wasn't sweets that caused decay

Although I know what you're going to say!


A proper meal I cannot eat

Please don't deny me the odd sweet

I haven't had very much luck

When all I can have is a sweet to suck

I know that they are very bad

I have no choice and that is sad


My teeth were once a pearly white

And many envied my perfect bite

I brushed them daily, took such pride

But now I only try and hide

They've lost their shine and it's unfair

That scleroderma played it's share


In goes the numbing syringe

Ouch! that hurts, I cringe

Wait a moment for it to feeze

I'll be back in a moment, please!

I'm feeling numb and I hear the whirrr!

The dentist's drill beside the chair


Nearly finished I sigh relief

I wish I'd looked after my teeth

I don't want dentures, that isn't good

I'd like to keep them if I could

A crocodile smile I have no more

And I walk numbly out the door


I've been to the demphist, I surbibed the day

And now I'm froben and on my way

I'll get right home and have a cup of coppee

And I'll keep away from sweets and toppee



I'm spill proben and it's half past pour

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