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Senior Moments

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A solitary warble fom a bird not too far from my window. I rolled over in my bed and glaced at the clock -- 3.10 am! I remember thinking, I wish that bird would shut up, at this rate it would wake all the others like a roll call. I could see the geese fom my window as by then I'd got up to see which bird was making all the racket. Their heads were tucked inside their wings and they olnly made an occasional honk. I looked around a very quiet landscape and pictured the whole world sleeping.


Not one but several birds were now twittering and then my hubby piped up "What are you doing -- what time is it?"


I'm sure he thinks I'm losing it. I do have senior moments now and then. I say stupid things and put things down where I can't remember. I can walk from one room to another forgetting why I was going in there in the first place. I blame the menopause but I also worry it may be something more, something my hubby keeps reminding me of. My mother died last year with dementia, she was 81. At times I can see myself in her and it get's a little frightening.


I have enough problems to be going on with -- who knows what the future holds? I very much live for the here and now and that's my policy on life.


3 more weeks and I'll be on my Greek island. I shan't have a care in the world then, other than when to put on the sunscreen. I still have a great hole in my wall but, hey! why worry? My diary is full of dates marked for appointments, I'll be in a tizzy for sure. I have 3 cases to pack and a mountain of ironing. "I'm not taking much" my hubby announced! The truth is he has more than us right now and us girls can't allow that. A serious shopping trip is planned next week which will see me with more packing and perhaps we're heading for a weight levy at the airport checkout desk! They allow much less these days on account of rising fuel costs. I can only get 30 miles in my car at the moment, it's almost £6.00 a gallon!


Saturday morning, there's just myself downstairs. Hubby is at work and daughter still in slumber. I shan't wake her. It looks pretty grim outside and the weather forecast isn't good! No building work today and another day lost. Maybe we'll get a little done this evening. Who knows!

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