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The Sun Has Its Hat On!

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"The Sun Has Got it's Hat On - Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!" I break into song. Us Brits do get excited at the prospect of sunny days. Everyone seems much happier, more pleasent and we even smile!


It's true we are ruled by the weather and it's no wonder really! 365 days of what seemed like an endless winter last year - we had no seasons. Your dare to think what the next few weeks will have in store for us so make the most of today!


We went shopping yesterday afternoon. I cheered myself up with a new pair of 3/4 length pants. My suitcase is full to bursting now! My daughter had an arm full of clothes, she'll need an elephant and sherpa to carry it to the airplane -- we're only going for one week! My hubby shakes his head in disbelief, but then he has nothing to moan about, his case is full as well and a gentle reminder shut's him up. Huh--men!


Well we left the shop with hubby looking like the proverbial donkey, he could hardly see where he was going! 5 bags and car keys in his mouth. His penance for being so miserable. I guess it must have been one of those days because just looking around the street we saw other guys carrying shopping too, aknowledging the fact as they passed by. It was quite a scene! The look on some of their faces was a yearning to be in the pub rather than with the missus, but Saturday is ladies' day and shopping delight!


Before you begin to feel sorry for him -- fair is fair! I help to build, and do as much work as he does on the house. Sure I can't lift the heavy blocks but I can lay bricks and help to lay the floor, my icing skills came in to great use! I helped take down the wall which took all of 7 weeks and cleaned all the bricks one by one. Never mind that I had numb fingers throughout and had immeasurable pain, which I won't mention for sympathy. I run on very economical fuel and I'm very cheap labour indeed! I'm not blowing my own trumpet here but on the whole I think I do quite well considering.


There's a small carnival in the village today, one where my daughter will be taking the Brownies to join the procession. She's a young leader -- Barn Owl is her position. 17 little mites walking down the lane along with a brass band, bagpipes and the boys brigade with their bugles. I've stood and watched every year but this one. "Mum don't watch me this year, I'm embarrassed enough!"


I think my time as a proud onlooker is over and I've been relagated to the ranks of a drop off mum rather than a photograph taking "That's my girl" with pointed finger and overwhelming pride. I guess my time for that is over, although I'm still proud of her from a distance. I'll just stay home an wait for the phone call when she's all finished and knowing Steph like I do, it won't be long.


Better get dressed into something more becoming of a Barn Owl's mum. I'm still in pyjamas. The next problem is what to wear? it looks lovely outdoors but is it? I dare not wear anything without sleeves for fear of freezing. What ever happened to flaming June?


We congregated at the local car park. All manner of folk were there, banners, bands and costumes so bright I needed sunglasses. "I'm so excited!" screamed one woman in a huge hat and an outfit fit for the Queen's coronation.


My daughter turned to me and said rather sarcasticaly, "I can hardly contain myself." Her face an absolute picture making no effort to show the slightest interest and when the brass band showed up she moaned "Oh no -- my call."


Time for me to make a sharp exit allowing Steph to gather all the little excited Brownies. I left her in the middle of a pack who were all squabbling about who got to hold the flag.


Back home and thankful that she actually went, because there were some doubts beforehand, I await her call. I can hear the band in the distance, the breeze is blowing right this way. Slightly out of tune but the drum beat is loud enough to quieten the geese.


There'a a village fete afterwards, one were I do my bit for tradition. They were setting stalls just before I left and no doubt I'll be coming home with home made jam, scones and perhaps a goldfish, but I hope not. I've been there and done that in years past when Steph was just a mere snippet. Trying my hand at something silly just for fun and winning a live fish to take home, much to the delight of my daughter who'd already named the thing. I'd be left with the dilemma of a home for 'Freddie the fish" and often resorted to my best deep glass dish as a temporary measure. By the time Monday came round, the thing had usually died, probably of shock, old age or some child prodding intervention. And then there were tears! That's how we got into keeping tropical fish because of a very upsetting weekend due to a goldfish. The only thing which would console my daughter was to purchase a fish tank and fill it with all manner of bright little fishes. We had that tank for years until we moved home and then we gave it away.


Better stick to the hamburger stall I think! I may win something on the tombola or in a raffle which I'll buy solely for charity, either way it's just for fun!

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