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I Can't See That!



A visit to the Optician made me realise just how much I need spectacles. It wasn't quite like "Read the top line of letters on the wall", more like "Can you see the wall, dear?"


I read A, O, T, X. Then stuck my neck out as far as it would stretch, screwed up my eyes and then recited letters that were never on the board to begin with. "Mmmm, you do indeed need spectacles" said my Optician who's age is about 90 and still has 20, 20, vision. It may be no surprise to learn that his name is Mr Young.


I've been going to the same place since I was five years old. I was amazed that he continues to remember me, although he did scorn me for not keeping regular appointments, it was 1992 since my last visit! I could hear my husband and daughter outside the room. Hubby was talking on the mobile to someone about goats, and I was straining to hear how many he was agreeing to buy, at the same time Mr Young was dropping various lenses into a binocular type contraption that I was wearing on my face.


"Is that any better" he asked! I just kept saying "Yes" not realising how many different one's he'd tried in there. I heard my hubby say "Well, I'll take them all."


By now I was worried and not listening to Mr Young who had just gone through the entire range of lenses and was moving on to double glazed, when I finally said "That's okay, I can see, it's a miracle." He asked me how I'd made my way into town today and I wondered if he meant, how I'd got there at all. Are my eyes really so bad? In fact, he was asking a general question and I pointed to the door. "My hubby and daughter are outside and I came with them".


He smiled and then inquired about my health noting that I was connected to a rucksack with my enteral feeding in it. Of course, I didn't go through my entire history since 1992. We'd have been there till he retired or drew his last eternal breath but I gave him enough to go on with.


I came out with a prescription and imediately challenged my hubby about the conversation I overheard. "Don't worry there's only 3 and one is a kid."


I was called to another room full of spectacles and my daughter got very excited. I began to try on numerous pairs and none of them really suited me but I settled for a humble pair almost frameless so they don't look too obvious. My daughter loved all the designer pairs and as a result, decided to arrange an eye test appointment for herself. I can't believe she actually wants spectacles. She's never had an eye test except when she was younger and she had almost perfect vision. Anyway, I couldn't see any reason why she shouldn't have another test just in case.


My spectacles will take one week to make, then I'll join the realms of forty somethings with eyewear. I reckon it's a sign of getting old. What next, false teeth! I already colour my hair. Saggy arms, bingo wings as my daughter calls them, everything going south.


Not much to look forward to, getting old but y'know what! if I make it, it'll be a personal acheivement for me.


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